Your website is a living breathing asset. That means that it will change as you and your business change. But there is one thing your website should ALWAYS focus on your reader. Because no matter what brilliant thing you have to say, your website is NOT about you. It’s about your reader. In this review, I discuss 3 key changes to wow your readers with your homepage. These changes are so simple, you could do them in 30 minutes.

Review: How to Wow Your Readers With Your Homepage

Note: My goal is to always help businesses get maximum results with their copy. These reviews are one way that I do that. There is no malicious intent in any of these reviews.

From Basic to Oh Wow! 3 Simple Tweaks for a Higher Converting Homepage - Violeta Potter, Conversion Strategist & Copywriter

Welcome Mats: An Opportunity To Build Your List & Establish Your Value

Linda Hayles Coaching uses a welcome mat offer a freebie before her visitors can get to her home page. Here’s hers:

A welcome mat is a great way to build your list, but when they get this BEFORE the homepage, you may lose people who were expecting info about your business but instead are immediately asked for their email.

A slide down welcome mat that fills the page yet is translucent enough to show that there’s a website underneath might work better. Perhaps also one that comes in after a certain amount of time of being on the homepage.

But I know that’s not possible in Squarespace, so this will have to do.

Upon first glance, the first thing I take issue with is the photo. It looks a bit lower quality and doesn’t read like a high-level coaching business.

I like the side eye, eye roll expression reacting to “Don’t Be Basic,” and I’m told that it’s something her audience is aware of, but what about the people who are not in her audience? Will they get that too?

People in your audience already know where to get information from you, your website should we approachable to NEW people.

I encourage you to think about what impression you want to make and if what you have on the page makes that impression for NEW visitors.

Onto the headline…

Show Your Readers They’re In The Right Place With Your Headlines

A quick browse through the website shows that Linda Hayles Coaching is about helping women step into their highest value so they can attract a worthy suitor and relationship.

But that isn’t clear by the offer on this welcome mat. The headline “5 Behaviors That Are Making You Basic” paired with the hashtag #dontbebasic signals that this site is about being a less “basic woman” but doesn’t show me that this is connected to love.

If I landed on this page through a social media post that talks about finding a worthy relationship, then I’m immediately confused because this doesn’t mirror that messaging. And you want your visitor to feel as many positive things as possible as their browse through your site.

So I recommend that your cornerstone freebie be directly tied to the full value that you bring to the table.

Here are the changes I recommend to make sure that the copy on Linda Hayles’s welcome mat does that:

Bonus Conversion Tip: Since people in western culture read left to right, put what you want people to click or pay attention to on the right. People gravitate to that side much more. So if you’re goal is to get email addresses, make that the button further to the right.

Also play around with button colors. The fact that these are the same show that they both have the same value, but really they don’t. The opt-in button should be more noticeable while the enter the site button should be a dimmer color.*

I know it’s difficult to do that on Squarespace, but you can do it with code. If you want a fully optimized website that’s geared for conversions but still want to use Squarespace, then hire someone to teach you a few key lines of code, with specifying button color where you want, being one of them.

Immediately Show Your Value With Your Home Page Header

People make gut decisions about you and your business within seconds of being on your site. That’s why the first thing people see when they land on your page is CRUCIAL.

Linda Hayles Coaching’s website missed this opportunity. Here’s what you see when you first land on her homepage:

It’s an excellent picture. She looks really great in it. But if I’m visiting because I need help with finally attracting a worthy suitor, this doesn’t build confidence that this is the place for ME.

What to do instead?

Greet your visitor and make it immediately clear what you do, what you can help them with, and show them that they’re int he right place. All it takes is a bit of text. Check out this example:

With a header like this, not only do I get greeted immediately, I feel valued and understood. The statement “You’re a High-Value Woman” makes me feel good, and the phrase “Let’s find you a man who’s worthy of you,” show me that I need to find the RIGHT kind of man and that she knows how I can get that. This picture also works really well with that phrasing, because wearing that make-up, heels, and sexy dress while laying down and reclining signals worth and high-value, and pampering all at the same time.

Bonus Conversion Tip: The banner at the top of the page invites visitors to join the Don’t Be Basic Facebook Group, but the fact that the banner is nearly the same color as the rest of the page and the font is nearly the same size as the navigation menu, makes it easy to miss. Instead, make the banner a contrasting color to draw attention to it. It is a call to action, after all. And nobody will take action if they can’t see what they should be taking action on.

Your Cross Headlines Are Super Important & So Is Readability

I mentioned above, your homepage is where you make your first impression. So everything on the page needs to reflect what you’re about and give the impression you want it to.

Here’s how the Linda Hayles Coaching homepage continues:

When I think of women who are looking for worthy love, I often think that they have plenty of self-esteem issues and perhaps even blame themselves for always attracting the wrong kind of men. So the headline “Become a High-Value Woman only ends up echoing that. I know the intention is to encourage the woman to empower herself, but that headline subtly tells these women that they are not yet a “High-Value Woman.” So unless you want your visitors to think that about themselves, I recommend ensuring that your language matches what you actually want them to think.

Words are very powerful and can subtly say the opposite of what you want, so be super intentional about the words you chose and the ideas and feelings they evoke.

The other thing that’s super important is to make that everything in the homepage is easy to read and consume. People are scrolling here to see if this is the type of site they want to spend time on, and when you make them work hard to get that information, they’ll bounce quick!

So avoid chunky paragraphs (and small) type like the one above.

Here’s what I would do instead:

This proposed cross headline echoes what the proposed header image says, “A Man Who’s Worthy Of You.” This cross head one takes it further, though. Now it’s addressing that the cycle of attracting men who are wrong for the reader will come to an end by taking Linda Hayles’s free e-course. It also is more positive and feels empowering. I could hear a reader who wants this saying YAAAASSSS in their head after ready this.

And when it comes to high converting copy, you want your readers saying YES! in their head consistently.

Now when it comes to the formatting, using bullets is far more ready friendly. It can be more punchy and get to the heart of what they really want much more quickly.

Quick note, however, be sure to left align them and increase font size to make your reader’s eyes work less and avoid fatigue. The easier to read, the better they’ll feel and the more likely they are to keep reading and browsing on your site.

Bonus Conversion Tip: Match your CTA Copy to the Headline that’s above it. If they say YES to the headline, they’ve already said yes to the CTA that echoes it. I couldn’t change it here, but also make sure that your button color is in a complementary color that pops and stands out on the page.

Those are the key changes that I’d make on this page. Of course, there is always room for optimization and testing all your changes with your readers is crucial to landing on the perfect format and copy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Use headlines to immediately show your readers they’re in the right place
  • Use your header to make your reader feel welcome & understood
  • Make sure your copy evokes the feeling you want your readers to have
  • Make your copy reader-friendly and easy to consume

Want a complimentary audit of a page on your site? Tell me in the comments. Just know that I’ll use it for content.

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