You’ve heard it before: people like to buy from people. And before they buy, you have to have an established relationship with them. They have to know you. Or at least, FEEL like they know you. And of course, they have to like you.  But here’s the thing. The bigger deal is that they have to feel that you’re like THEM. Like you KNOW them. That you understand their situation and are there to help them with their needs. They have to feel a connection with you. You have to CAPTIVATE YOUR AUDIENCE.

So that if they land on your site at 2 AM, your copy should make them feel like you’re their long-lost buddy who has all the answers to their problems.

Lucky for you, you don’t have to resort to lamps and genies. You have this magical blog post to guide through every step of the process. If you follow these principles, you’ll be able to write copy that keeps your audience coming back for more.

Ready to get started?

Read on for the 3 Keys to Captivate Your Audience

Captivate Your Audience Like Jasmine Under Jafar’s Spell | Violeta Potter | Conversion Strategist & Copywriter


You’ve heard this a bajillion times. You HAVE to know your audience. I’m not talking basic demographics like age, gender, income, or education level. I’m not even talking about obvious marketing info like what they want from you. I’m talking having a real sense of who they are. Their dreams and aspirations, their motivations, their likes, their cares, their fears, their needs, how they feel about their work, how they feel about their business, how they feel about working with or buying from you, what motivates them to do what they do.

To write audience centered copy, you NEED to have a solid profile on your ideal PERSON that makes up your audience. This doesn’t mean you have to know whether she likes Lululemon or Fabletics or whether he likes his coffee black or with sugar (unless of course, these details relate to your offering). But you should have a complete idea of who they are, especially as it relates to your offering.


1. Stalk them

You know how when you’re like so obsessed with someone and are dying to get to know them, but you’re too shy to actually speak to them, so you go to all the places they check in at on FB or post Snaps from? No? Is that not a thing? Well, um..yeah…do that with your audience.

Ok, no. Not literally. Don’t be a creep. But do hang out where they hang out. Digitally of course. Join Facebook groups, follow them on Twitter and Instagram and even Snapchat. You’ll learn so much about them simply by being where they are.

2. Listen to their conversations

Now that you’re all up in their business, cross the lines even further and listen to everything they say. Pay close attention to what they post. People share everything on social media, and if you’re listening, you’ll get useful info that will help you understand who they are as people and what keeps them going. And then you can turn around and exploit it so that they give you money. (Well, kind of. I know you’re not trying to take advantage of anyone, and that you’re really trying to provide something useful. But let’s be honest…in marketing, all of this is part of the game.)

You can also find out what they’re saying about your biz by scouring through product and book reviews similar to your topic. And also by reading testimonials on competitor websites. Often people talk about the problems they were looking to solve and the solutions they were looking for. Which of course is gold as you figure out how to market your own business.

3. Pressure them to tell you everything.

Get them in a corner and force them to divulge all of their treasured secrets. No, I’m not giving you a reason to test out your secret dream of being an interrogative spy. I mean make them an offer they can’t refuse. Dun-dun-dun. You know give them something for free in exchange for their valuable words.

When I was testing if copywriting and consulting was something I wanted to do, I offered free 30-minute consultations. They filled out a pre-service questionnaire that answered my questions. Bonus: I also got testimonials this way. Two cats in one bag! That’s the saying, right?

Essentially all you have to do is ask them. You can ask using social media, on FB groups, and if you already have a list and an audience, you can ask them directly through email.


Really though, picture it. What would that be like? She’d share intimate stories. She’d ask questions. She’d sing songs about your life. She’d encourage you to sing along. She’d encourage you to be a stronger you. It would feel like an intimate experience. You’d walk away feeling like the show was just for you. Like you were part of something greater. And that’s all you have to do with your audience.

Now, you might be thinking, “Is this b—- crazy?! How am I supposed to do that?!” Hold your horses, my sweet pupil. I’m gonna tell you how. Just keep reading.


1. Expose yourself

Expose yourself. No, not that kind of expose yourself…you nasty. I mean expose your inner feelings, you know, be a little vulnerable. It doesn’t have to be all therapy-like. That’s what that bald guy with the pad is for. I’m talking about the I’m-growing-with-you-and-sharing-my-journey kind of exposure. You know the kind of talk that makes a connection and builds relationships.

Show your struggles, your joys, your questions & confusions, your musings, your nerdy humor, the side of you that giggles like a little girl and snorts when you laugh way too hard (remember that Chewbacca lady). Now I know what you’re gonna say, “But I don’t want my business to get too personal. I want to keep at least a little bit of distance.” And you still can, my friend. You can expose yourself AND keep it all business. Just share your business journey and the struggles and joys throughout it.

2. Echo their experience

Hello-hellloo-hellllooo. Yes, that kind of echo. You know what an echo does? Well, nearby matter absorbs a specific sound and essentially reflects that sound back and out into the world. Well, I don’t know the science really, but that’s how it makes sense to me, so let’s go with that since it applies. Reflect your audience’s experience back to them.

When you know them (see above), you know their struggles, and you know their desires. Reflect that in your audience. Highlight that you know them. Start your blog post with a narrative that echoes how they feel about that particular topic you’re writing about. Even better, make your narrative about how you felt the same in that situation before you got all the answers you’re about to let them in on. People like to feel understood and like they’re not alone in all the big bad fears, doubts, and confusions they carry.

3. Embrace them

No. Not in the awkward-way-too-long-hug kind of way. But as one of your own. As in their success is your success. As in they are part of your team. Because it is. And they are. Your brand should become less about ‘me’ and more about ‘us.’ Because you’re only as successful as the success of your people. It’s simple math, really. If people in your audience see results, others will want what you have to offer, and your brand will grow more. Their success is your success.

So address your audience like they’re part of your team. Empower them and give them the tools to see real growth. Listen to them when they make suggestions and point out things that they may have overlooked. Treat them like they’re one of yours.  Not only will you build an exceptional brand, but you’ll also build an unstoppable tribe of followers, collaborators, and colleagues. And once you grow further than you imagined, you’ll owe your success, in part, to your audience. You’ll only get as far as they take you.[


Imagine that scenario. Play it in your mind. How does it go? Usually, you’re dying to know all the things you’ve missed since you last talked to her. So you see her, and you’re like: “I loooove your purse! Look at your hair it’s soooo long. Did you just dye it? How are you? Are you still working at that one place? Whatever happened to that one dude? I’ve missed you so much. Please don’t leave me again. Plleeease. Pleaaaase. P-p-pplease.”

Annnyways, you get the picture. You ask questions, and you focus on your friend. How, you ask, am I supposed to do that?! I’m writing, not having never-ending GoogleHangouts with my audience!

Yeahhh. I knowww.

But you should infuse elements of conversation in your writing. Like I’ve done throughout this post.


1. Use lots more YOUs and Less I’s

Unless you’re Beyonce, no one wants to sit there and ride your “me, me, me” train. Write by echoing their experience. Write like they’re sitting right in front of you and you’re talking to them.

2. Ask Questions.

Of course, they’re not gonna pop through the screen and respond, but if it’s a thoughtful question or one that you use conversationally, it’ll slow down their reading and consider what you’re saying. Know what I mean?

3. Share about yourself too.

Hopefully, you’re not like the needy friend up there with the million questions she doesn’t give time to answer. Yeahhh, no. It should be more of a two-way conversation. Obvs. So tell stories. Even better, tell stories that relate to you both.

You know how it feels soooo nice to have a thoughtful conversation with a friend after weeks of being all werk, werk, werk, werk?

See I did it just there. I started writing in a way that tells you I’m sharing a story, but it’s also about something you’ve probably experienced. That little bit covers all three of these tips. Use it. Unless it’s about something that no one has ever experienced. Then, don’t. You’ll just come off looking weird and will make people forget what to do with their arms and get all shifty-eyed. And you DON’T want to do that to your audience. Unless it’s for the sake of humor, then do what you want.

So, there you have it, my friend. A thorough guide on captivating your audience. And wowieee it was a lot! I knowww.

But you know what? Each of these things takes work. And if you’re really going to succeed at them, I recommend you take time on each of one these. Maybe even devote one month to each one to make it part of your habit.

Now, I know you’re ready to establish yourself and your business like yesterday. We all are. But if you’re really in this for the long haul, you’ve gotta take your time to develop and grow. You have to play the long game.

Which of these tips do you struggle with the most? What is it that holds you back? Tell me in the comments



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