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Copywriting isn’t about slapping some clever or pretty words on a page, hoping they work, and a calling it a day.

Don’t get me wrong, I love creative writing as much as the next gal but in business, copy should be about growing your business. And pretty and clever don’t always get the job done.

Because when you pay a copywriter your goal is to get more leads and sales not to entertain the pants off of your readers. That’s why what you’re really after is conversion copywriting.

Conversion copy is writing that has a job: to get people to take action.

Bottom line? Conversion copy is about getting you leads and sales. Without any of the guesswork.

If you’re looking for a writer who’ll whip up some cute copy quickly, Upwork has plenty of writers who can do that for less than $20 per hour.

But if you’re ready to invest in getting real leads and sales, then I’m the gal you’re looking for.

Here’s What My Work Has Done for My Clients:


“Violeta’s ability to craft my audience’s pain points and desires into a compelling sales page blows me away every time. She helped me turn a $27 product into $3,000 in less than a week! AND I also got double the inquiries for my 3-month coaching program. If you need a sales page that converts, you need Violeta.”

Maya Elious


“Violeta is a genius! With her help, I got 5 new leads within 24 hours of publishing my page!!! That was my goal for NEXT month!!!!”

Fiona Benjamin

Here’s How I Can Help You

Launch Copy

You’ve seen those headlines right? Then ones that pop up in Facebook ads on your feed– “Get an inside look at my 5/6/7-figure launch!” They kinda hit you in the pit of your stomach. Instantly you wonder, “imagine if that was me?”

Those posts of webinars don’t reveal EVERYthing. So how do they do it? Well the answer isn’t so easy. SO SO SO much goes into those mega successful launches. But one thing’s for sure, they had killer copy, and not the DIY kind either. Unless of course, they’re some kind of copywriting wunderkind and I’m willing to bet you’re not one of them.

Copywriting CAN get you a ridiculously large payday. Thing is that to get it you need a solid strategy and words, that not only capture your offer’s value, but get inside your reader’s head.


How I can help you with launches

  • Roadmapping & Launch Strategy
  • Launch Promos – Social media posts, Facebook Ads, video scripts, etc.
  • Landing Pages – Opt-in pages, webinar registration, thank you pages, etc.
  • Email Sequences – warm-up emails, onboarding emails, follow-up emails, sales emails, etc.
  • Long Form Sales Pages

Typical full-launch packages start at $5,000

Copy For Generating & Nurturing Leads

Your website is your business’s online representative. It’s where people get to know you and what you’re about. If the copy on your site or landing page doesn’t get their attention and spark their interest in 10 seconds flat, they’re bouncing and never coming back.

But when your site does spark their interest and gets them to give you that golden key to their inbox, your emails are what will get them to like you, warm up to your advances and when done right, convert them into buyers who trust you and what you’re selling. Without nurturing them, you lose them more with every day that passes by.


How I can help you with lead generating & lead nurturing:

  • Lead generating & nurturing strategy
  • Opt-in Pages
  • Website Opt-ins
  • Home Pages
  • About Pages
  • Services & Work With Me Pages

Typical packages start at $3,500

Copywriter for a day

Ready to launch like yesterday? Or have a project that needs a quick turnaround? Hire me to write for the day.

Half day – You’ll get me for 3 solid hours. I’ll live write any short form copy you need. Opt-in page? Check. Quick email? Check. Long form sales page? Not so much. Investment $997.

Full day – You’ll get me for 6 solid hours. I’ll live write any short form copy you need. Longer Opt-in page? Check. Longer emai? Check. Long form sales page? Not so much. Investment $1,897.

What to know before booking

When you hire me to write for the day, you have me for the hours you’ve designated. And I will bust myself to write copy that converts in that time. But when our time is up, our time is up.


Not sure what you need, but know that copywriting is your answer? I can help you figure out your best course of action. Let’s chat.

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