A big part of why I got into business is to have the ability to make a difference in the world.

But I got lost in building my clients bank accounts instead of my own. So when a big social crisis hit, I felt helpless, powerless, and frustrated that I couldn’t make a difference or contribute how I wanted.

Face meet palm 🤦🏻‍♀️

And scrolling through my feeds, it was evident that so many people had put themselves in that position too.

Have you felt this way too?

Most people start a business because they have big ambitions of changing their lives, having more freedom, helping and supporting their families, making a difference in the world, and giving back to their communities and to causes close to their hearts.

But how will that ever happen if your business barely makes enough money to keep running and cover your personal expenses?

If you’re in this situation, I want to nip one thing in the bud before you even go there. NO, you’re not in this situation because you’re not good enough. It’s not because you don’t have something of value to offer. It’s not because people don’t want to hear what you have to say. It’s not because you’re just not lucky or don’t have what it takes.

It’s because you haven’t implemented a solid marketing strategy and communicated the value you offer with great freaking copy.

And let me be really clear, YOU NEED BOTH.

You need a stellar strategy to GET people to the page where they will buy or subscribe. Then once you get them there, you need amazing copy that COMPELS them to TAKE ACTION that will make them go from browser to subscriber or customer

Together, copy and strategy become a potent weapon that will help you generate the kind of cash flow that allows you to take care of yourself AND take care of and serve others

But here’s where things get a little hairy, great strategists and copywriters are booked out in advance and cost thousands and thousands and thousands of pretty pennies. (For reference, I’m booked out for projects until September and my project rates START at $4,500.)

So what’s a conscious entrepreneur to do?

No, DIY is not the way! Unless you’re pretty good at buyer psychology and know how to write COPY that gets people to take action, I don’t recommend you go that route.

I do recommend you try to get on a copywriter’s schedule, even if it’s just for a few hours.

You might be thinking, what can they do in a few hours?

Short answer, a ton!!

Good copywriters are MUCH MORE than word slingers who know how to write a pretty sentence. They’re incredible strategists with sales knowhow who know how to pull the emotional triggers that get people to buy.

Lucky for you, I’ve just put together a new offer.

Several months ago, I made my copy calendar by referral-only. It’s been incredible, working on projects that I love. But closing that off also meant turning away from the mission-driven entrepreneurs with big dreams, smaller budgets, and tighter time constraints.

That didn’t sit well with me. Because I care so deeply about making positive impact on the world. And I know that the more people are out there activating their voices, helping others, and using their business as a platform that creates more good in the world the bigger the collective impact we’ll make.

So I decided to open up limited days in my calendar to give people the conversion strategy they need to get eyeballs on their sites and landing pages, AND give their copy the conversion copywriter magic touch necessary to get those sales.

I’ve packaged up these days into my new offer called, Copy In A Flash.

Copy In A Flash is a live-writing intensive to take your copy from “Meh, I guess it works…” to “Holy Crap, I’m gonna need a higher subscriber limit, and a bigger wallet!”

I’m so pumped about it, I’m launching it with a super special offer. Wanna hear what it is?

Uh-uhuhhhh…You’ll have to book a call with me to get all the details. I promise to make it worth your while.

When you get on a short call with me I’ll give you a FREE 10-minute Conversion Strategy Session or Live Copy Review. There are no strings attached, and I promise you’ll get at least one tip that could be the difference between zero subscribers or sales and the numbers rolling in building up those dollar signs in your eyes.


Book your call here www.violetapotter.com/consult

Seriously, it’s time. Let’s get your strategy & copy on point so you can finally make a difference that matters.

Rooting for you.



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