Sales pages are suuuuuper important. They’re a single page that has ONE job: To get people to give you money.

So with a job this important, you better make sure that you set your sales page up for success.

Yep. We’re not even talking about what goes ON the page in this post. I’m saving that for the next one, but if you want a handy checklist with all the things that should be on your sales page, put your email in the box below.

The Quick & Dirty Guide to Setting Your Sales Page Up for Success | Violeta Potter | Conversion Strategist & Copywriter

High-Converting Sales Page Checklist

This post is about what you should have ready BEFORE you write ANY sale page.

Ya ready?

5 Keys For Sales Page Success


This sounds like a given. But a major reason sales pages fail is because readers are not clear about what the offer is and what they’ll walk away with.

So make sure you know your offer through and through. Know all the processes, know the features of your offering, know the benefits, know everything little thing that they will get. Down to specifics. (1-hour kick-off call vs. 30-minute kick-off call).

I’m not saying that if you’re selling a course or program that you should have it all built and ready to go. But you should know every single module or weekly breakdown of the program and what you’ll talk about each week.

You should also have a fully outlined process. Again, I’m not saying that if you’re offering a service you should break down your process to every single email you will send, but it should be clear how it’ll all work.

Ultimately, you should have a clear answer to the question: what will I (your target reader) get?


You might be thinking, Duh, genius! Of course, I should know what problem it solves, why else would be selling something to solve it?

But here’s the thing, lots of people don’t have a clear definition for that either. You should know the problem like your yoga pants know your butt.

You should know how people get into that problem, what it means to solve that problem, what a solution looks like, and what benefits they will get from solving that problem. You should know why it keeps them up at night and what they wish their life looked like instead.

Ultimately, you should have an answer to the question: Why is this solution necessary and why should someone buy it?


Nothing will make your sales page less successful than selling your product to the wrong people. If they’re not looking for your offer, or your offer doesn’t perfectly suit the people that you drive to the page. You’ll have a huge flop on your hands.

That’s why you must be VERY clear about who this offer is for. You should know who would most benefit from it. And who is best suited for it? You should also know the alternative. Who is your offer NOT suited for.

When you come up with these qualifiers don’t make up some arbitrary requirements about being a hard worker, really dig deep into the mindsets of people who will profit/not profit from your offer. Make them specific like, the marketing manager at an agency, or the stay-at-home mom who can devote a few hours a day, etc.

If you have a clear offer, you’ll have an easier time figuring out who it’ll suit most.


Once you identify who it’s best for, you should figure out what stage of awareness your ideal target is in. Because let’s be honest, how will you be able to help them, if you have no idea where in their journey they are.

Here’s a quick run-down of the stages of awareness:

  • Stage 1 – Unaware: Not aware of the problem.
  • Stage 2 – Pain Aware: Aware there’s a problem but don’t know there’s a solution.
  • Stage 3 – Solution Aware: Aware there are solutions, unaware of the best solution for them.
  • Stage 4 – Product Aware: Know you’re a viable solution among other solutions.
  • Stage 5 – Most Aware: Know your solution is what they’re looking for.

The stage of awareness your target reader is in will change the approach and language you use to write your sales page. It’ll also help you figure what you’ll have to do throughout your entire funnel to make sure you meet your target where they are and educate them to the point you need them to be by the time they land on your page.

Your goal is to make sure they land on your page prepped with what they need for the sales page to work for them. Of course, you won’t be able to prep everyone that lays eyes on your page, but you should lead them to be ready to make a decision.

Key 5: Voice of Customer Data

This one is truly amazing! IT will revolutionize the way you write anything for your audience. A lot of people dread writing anything to sell their business because they get lost in the idea that they have to pull a crafty, persuasive message out of their butts. But here’s the big secret: YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO THAT. Let your target buyer write your message for you.

I’m talking about plopping in a chair, pulling out your magnifying glass, and doing some good ‘ol fashioned research. For one, it’s a bajillion times easier to write this way, and for another, it’s likely to convert at a higher rate because you are pulling words straight from your target’s mouth.

You can get their words through surveys, social media, comments sections, competitor testimonials, and by mining through reviews.

Look for their descriptions of their situation and how they feel about it, their struggles with it, the problem they have, the solutions they want, and what they wish their life looked like instead.

This is the most important key to writing a powerful message that resonates with your target.


So there ya go, more to add to your to-do list, I kid of course, but seriously being prepped with these 5 things will help you write a more successful sales page. Now to figure out everything you should have on it. But you already KNOW I got you covered!

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High-Converting Sales Page Checklist


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